South Carolina Football Christmas: Which opponents are on Gamecock Santa's naughty list?

It's Christmas, so let's talk about which South Carolina football opponents are on Gamecock Santa's naughty list.

Santa Claus giving the South Carolina football "spurs up" salute.
Santa Claus giving the South Carolina football "spurs up" salute. / Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports
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South Carolina Football Christmas:
Gamecock Santa's Naughty List, The Ole Miss Rebels

At this point, everyone outside of Oxford, Mississippi has the Ole Miss Rebels on their team's naughty list. A lot of that has to do with head coach Lane Kiffin.

Kiffin is a good coach who wins a lot. That builds up a lot of frustrations for opposing fanbases before even considering anything else. He also talks a lot, trolling other teams and coaches without discriminating. Kiffin also hit the Gamecocks with one of the most iconic coach celebrations in sports when he threw his clipboard about 28724634 feet in the air on a long touchdown in the 2020 Rebel win over the Gamecocks.

The Rebels also took former Gamecock receiver Juice Wells out of the transfer portal this offseason, and the South Carolina faithful are less than thrilled with the manner in which their former All-SEC playmaker left Columbia. Kiffin even visited Wells in town and posted pictures on social media of Columbia and Gamecock logos.

Ole Miss will travel to Columbia for the first time since 2009 (a Gamecock victory over a #4-ranked Rebels team), and they have their hopes set on a College Football Playoff appearance. Most fans in Oxford don't view South Carolina football as a threat in the game, adding more disrespect to the ledger. Gamecock Santa (and probably the one who lives at the North Poll) will be delivering coal to Lane Kiffin and the Rebels who have embraced him.