South Carolina Football Christmas: Which opponents are on Gamecock Santa's naughty list?

It's Christmas, so let's talk about which South Carolina football opponents are on Gamecock Santa's naughty list.

Santa Claus giving the South Carolina football "spurs up" salute.
Santa Claus giving the South Carolina football "spurs up" salute. / Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports
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South Carolina Football Christmas:
Gamecock Santa's Naughty List, The Alabama Crimson Tide

Alabama is on everyone's naughty list outside of fans of the 'Tide. Domination breeds resentment, and the Crimson Tide have won 6 of the last 14 National Championships. When it looked like the dynasty might have been over (they went two whole years without a championship!), 'Bama knocked off the emerging dynasty (the Georgia Bulldogs) in the SEC Championship Game to earn a spot in the College Football Playoff.

Alabama beat the Gamecocks in 2019, and Carolina fans are still bitter about a phantom holding call on a fake field goal that would have given the home USC squad the lead. Instead, all of the momentum was gone from the garnet and black, and the Crimson Tide outscored the Gamecocks 40-20 the rest of the way.

There has also been some (alleged) behind-the-scenes tampering of South Carolina football players from the Alabama program.

For the longest time, South Carolina was the last SEC East team to beat the Crimson Tide, but two losses to Georgia since then have ruined that, too.

Probably the "least naughty" of all the teams on the naughty side of Gamecock Santa's registry, Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide still make the list.