Mike Davis Watch Continues


The Mike Davis watch continues this week against Tennessee as he has a chance to pass Mike Davis on the South Carolina all-time rushing leaders list.  Last we took a look inside the Mike Davis vs. Mike Davis showdown at which time #28 needed 111 more yards to pass #25 to become 12th on the all-time list.  Mike Davis looked good this past week against Auburn, and really the only thing wrong was he didn’t get to run the ball enough.  Davis rushed for 88 yards on 21 carries, running well enough to keep the defense worried which allowed Dylan Thompson to have time throwing the ball.  He also had 85 yards on 6 receptions, which using him out of the backfield really made things difficult for Auburn linebackers trying to contain him.

So how does Mike Davis look on the rushing list after this performance?

1George Rogers5091
2Harold Green3005
3Brandon Bennett2983
4Thomas Dendy2767
5Marcus Lattimore2677
6Johnnie Wright2573
7Jay Lynn Hodgin2478
8Kevin Long2369
9Clarence Williams   2311
10Cory Boyd2267
11Warren Muir2234
12Mike Davis 252231
13Mike Davis 282208

As you can see Mike is already 13th now on the all time list.  He is only 23 yards away from the previous Mike Davis, and with a good game could easily move up inside the top ten as he only needs 103 yards to move into 9th all time.   So we’ll keep an eye on Mike this week.  He is clearly playing like we knew he could.  With a couple big games, he could still pass the new legend, Marcus Lattimore and move into the top 5 of all time, as he only needs 470 yards to reach that level.

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Not too long ago, we talked about how we felt Mike Davis would be the difference maker for the second half of the season.  Although his production has picked up, I’d say they’re still not using him enough, as he has clearly been punishing defenses the past few weeks.  Give him the ball Coach, over and over and over again.