Mike Davis Could Pass Mike Davis This Week?


From a team that has Gerald Dixon and Gerald Dixon Jr starting on the same defensive line and coached by Steve Spurrier and Steve Spurrier Jr, I guess it shouldn’t be surprising then that Mike Davis could pass Mike Davis this week on the Gamecocks all-time rushing list.  No that’s not a typo, and maybe that’s why Mike Davis is so popular, because it seems like he has been here forever.  The current Mike Davis is a junior from Atlanta, GA who wears jersey number 28 and currently has 2,120 yards rushing in his three seasons as a Gamecock.  He just passed Derek Watson, who played from 1999-2001 and rushed for 2,076 yards.  The previous Mike Davis played from 2005-2008 wearing the number 25 jersey and rushed for 2,231 yards during his career.  So that puts Mike Davis-now just 111 yards behind Mike Davis-then on the all-time list.  Mike Davis-now is listed at 5’9′ and 223 lbs and Mike Davis-then was listed at 5’9″ and 214 lbs.  So considering Mike Davis has been one of the key running backs for the Gamecocks seven of the last nine seasons, their numbers are similar and their size is similar, it’s no wonder he seems so familiar.

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Mike Davis-now rushed for 111 yards this weekend, combining with David Williams who rushed for 110 yards, to be the first duo to rush for over 100 yards in the same game since, guess who, Mike Davis-then rushed for 102 and Corey Boyd rushed for 132 in the same game in 2007.  Coincidentally, Boyd is one of the next targets on the all-time list for Mike Davis now with 2,267 rushing yards.  The big target for Mike Davis has to be if he can pick up another 557 yards this season he could pass Marcus Lattimore and move into 5th on the all-time list, which would be a huge accomplishment.

One accomplishment Davis already owns at this point is the best yards per carry average of any running back in the top 20 all time rushing yards for South Carolina.  Davis is currently averaging 5.64 yards per carry, which is just ahead of Thomas Dendy who averaged just over 5.60 yards per carry, as well as the all-time rushing leader George Rogers who averaged 5.5 yards per carry.  That’s a pretty impressive number for sure.

When people look back on his career and all the exciting runs he had, the one he may end up being remembered for is the stiff arm run he had against Furman this past weekend, practically shoving the Furman player out of his way with ease on his way to a touchdown.  If Davis can pass Lattimore and finish with the best yards per carry average as well, then Mike Davis-now could be regarded as one of the best running backs in South Carolina history, and that play will be replayed forever.