Mike Davis Will Be The Difference Maker


For the second year in a row, when the season began there was Heisman talk going on in Columbia, and you have to admit that was pretty awesome.  Last year was Jadeveon Clowney, and many people thought the talk was unrealistic, but was a nod to the sheer natural talent he brought to the game.  That lasted all the way until the season started.  This year was Mike Davis, and the idea seemed much more realistic considering he was a running back, and the impact he could have on the game.  As a sophomore in 2013, Davis rushed for almost 1200 yards and also added more than 350 receiving yards.  He did all that even with limited action near the end of the season.  So it was clear why expectations were high heading into the season, even from Davis himself.

Unfortunately, that talk subsided very quickly as Davis failed to put up the numbers many, including himself, thought he would put on the board.  Whether it was getting the team behind early in games and needing to pass, the offensive line not quite reaching potential, or nagging injuries, we just haven’t seen the same fireworks this season from Mike Davis.  It wasn’t that he was having a bad season, it just wasn’t the season that was expected.

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In the loss to Missouri, you could start the see the flashes again, including a classic Mike Davis 17 yard TD run in which he bounced to the outside and was in the endzone before most of Missouri realized what happened.  Even in the shorter runs, there was a lot more north/south running,  instead of just bouncing around looking for holes that never opened.  Before the Kentucky game, Mike made it very clear that he was back and ready to reach that level he knew he could.  183 yards on 23 carries and 3 TDs later, it was very, very clear he was right.  And he was back.  He was strong right from the beginning, including a 40 yard run that took the Gamecocks from having their backs against their end zone to being at midfield.

Although no one will know until a few more games, what is known is that the Gamecocks could really use that kind of weapon.  The running game has been sporadic at best, and definitely hasn’t done what is designed to do – to open up the passing game.  Mike Davis is an explosive, hard hitting back who can also break the big one.  If opponents start to see all of that, the Gamecocks could still end up in control of their destiny this year.  If anyone wants to shoulder that responsibility, it’s Mike Davis.