South Carolina Gamecocks Cheerleader Jessie Sherman on her “Faith and Determination”


South Carolina Gamecocks Jessie Sherman is now cleared to cheer for her first time at USC after a car accident one year ago. Sherman had this to say about being a part of USC, “I’m so blessed to have had the support of the University and the athletic program.”

I had the pleasure to chat with Jessie and in my opinion this is a story of True Faith and Determination.

Since the accident, what has changed most ?

JS: “Before my accident I took a lot of the little things in life for granted without even realizing it. Since then, I’ve realized how precious life is and how important is it to be grateful for everything and everyone in your life.”

How would you describe in one word(s) the Best thing about the environment at USC and Gamecock Athletics ?

JS: ” Supportive. I’m so blessed to have had the support of the University and the athletic program. I was given so many opportunities throughout my recovery. From outstanding trainers to a reduced course load, they provided me with so much. Im positive that I wouldn’t have gotten this treatment at any other University.”

Who is your inspiration ? Why ?

JS: “My inspiration is my mom. I know everyone says that but she’s unlike any other mom. We have a relationship that I wouldn’t change for the world. She has so much strength and love and I can only pray that I grow up to be half the woman she is.”

How would you describe life USC now being cleared to cheer again ?

JS : “In the grand scheme of things, my life has changed immensely. My faith and determination has grown stronger and I’ve become more appreciative of every day God gives me. More recently, I’ve been working out at the gym and cheerleading facility a lot more in preparation for two-a-days beginning at the end of this month. Trying to get all my skills and endurance back to where they were has been really difficult.”

What are your goals for 2015 ?

JS: “In 2015 I hope to grow and improve not only as a cheerleader but as a person. I hope to cheer on the sidelines this upcoming football season with the skills I had before my accident. I hope to look at cheerleading as a privilege and make the most of the time I’m able to compete at this level.”

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What are you looking forward to the most cheering for the upcoming USC Gamecocks Football season ?

JS: “Everyone knows that SEC football is unlike any other but cheering in the middle of Williams-Brice is indescribable. I get chills just listening to Sandstorm so I can’t imagine how I’m going to feel during pregame! We have the most supportive and loving fans in the nation! ”

In her free time this Gamecock stated,

“In the very little time that I’m not training or working I love to spend time at home in Raleigh with my family and take little day trips to Charleston, Augusta, etc. I try to make an adventure out of even the littlest things!!”

As a writer, at times I comes across the stand above and stand out stories that really touch my heart and this was definitely one. Jessie Sherman is one of True Spirit. I applaud her.