USC Gamecocks Cheerleader Jessie Sherman Cleared to Cheer One Year after Car Accident


South Carolina Gamecocks Cheerleader Jessie Sherman is cleared to cheer again after a horrific accident before her Freshman year began at USC.

On August 4, 2014, Sherman got up early to drive back to Columbia from her home in Raleigh after going home for the weekend in between the first two weeks of summer two-a-day cheerleading practice. She fell asleep at the wheel and her car flew off an overpass on I-20, eventually landing upside down in the median of Highway 601 below. A nearby motorist stopped to assist. He held her hand and kept talking to her, convincing her not to undo her seatbelt before an ambulance arrived.

Jessie suffered two broken bones in her face, laceration on her forehead and also all the tendon ligaments between her L1 and L2 vertebrae. Sherman had surgery on her face that night to repair her injuries and had back surgery a couple days later to fuse the L1 and L2 vertebrae. ” I think there is a reason that God kept me alive. I’m really focused on trying to find that reason and fulfill a purpose.”

After working with her Coach and Athletic Trainor Lauren Salas, this determined Gamecock started physical therapy as soon as she got back, she was out a month for recovery and Not only did she make her classes, but she earned A’s in all three courses. Mixed in with her class schedule are many sessions of physical therapy.

Jessie is now cleared to cheer again at USC and will be cheering on the Gamecocks for the first time on the field this coming fall.

In a recent article with WLTX News19 on how she feels to be eligible to cheer a year after she stated this,

“It’s indescribable honestly, there’s so many people and everybody’s screaming and the music is going and the players are running out on the field, its absolutely indescribable I cant even put into words how excited I am and how great its going to be the second they run out.”

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