South Carolina Football: Unknown podcasters disrespect Gamecock starting quarterback

South Carolina football QB LaNorris Sellers is a "stock up" candidate in 2024, but the Ruffino and Joe podcast decided to disrespect the young man.

South Carolina football quarterback LaNorris Sellers
South Carolina football quarterback LaNorris Sellers / Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

South Carolina football fans are going to miss Spencer Rattler this fall, but they also cannot wait to see what LaNorris Sellers can do. The big Palmetto State native has similar arm strength to Rattler and is a bigger running threat. If some of #7's other traits rubbed off on Sellers during their one season together in Columbia, Sellers has the chance to be special in garnet and black.

A former 4-star prospect, Sellers was viewed as a potential 5-star by the folks over at On3, but thanks to an injury during his junior season, he didn't have enough time on the field to receive that type of ranking. Simply put, there's a lot of reason to feel optimistic about how good LaNorris Sellers can be.

Blake Ruffino and Joe DeLeone, however, don't share those feelings.

Perhaps it was their juvenile attempts at humor or just lazy analysts' "out" from having to do real research, but Ruffino and DeLeone (primarily DeLeone) made some disrespectful comments about Sellers on their college football podcast "Ruffino and Joe." The show will not be linked here because the bozos don't deserve the additional traffic to their site.

After a long Shane Beamer hate session, Sellers' name was mentioned. When the duo mentioned Sellers' rec-specs (the prescription goggles he wears on the field), DeLeone went off on an immature rant summed up with this sentence: "He wears rec-specs. I am not putting my faith in a...guy who wears rec-specs."

It seems as if Joe DeLeone has never heard of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar if he thinks rec-specs limit someone's athletic potential.

The irony behind DeLeone's attack on LaNorris Sellers' appearance is that he also wears corrective lenses. However, he displayed his full level of stupidity as he continued to speak.

"I chose to go out on the field blind when I was playing in college before I put stupid...rec-specs on." The level of idiocy that comes with someone being willing to play a collision-oriented sport like football without being able to see is staggering. Don't worry about Mr. DeLeone, though. He was just the long snapper at the University of Rhode Island, so he wasn't in any real danger on the field anyway.

DeLeone will learn this fall that Sellers's rec-specs do not hold him back, and he will also learn that South Carolina football fans keep receipts. One can expect about 1824530 cold take messages delivered to DeLeone when LaNorris Sellers has his first big game in Williams-Brice Stadium.

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