South Carolina Football: Juice Wells talks down on the Gamecocks, LaNorris Sellers

Former South Carolina football player Juice Wells went on the Locked On Ole Miss Podcast and had some less-than-flattering things to say about his old team.
Former South Carolina football player Juice Wells
Former South Carolina football player Juice Wells / Matt Pendleton-USA TODAY Sports

South Carolina football fans have no love lost for former Gamecock wide receiver Juice Wells.

After transferring to the program from James Madison and putting up an All-SEC season in 2022, Wells announced a highly anticipated return alongside quarterback Spencer Rattler. Then, after a foot injury, Wells didn't return to action for the Gamecocks despite getting a clean bill of health and raking in more NIL money than anyone on the team other than Rattler.

When fans asked questions about Wells' injury status, the talented wideout eventually told them to stop asking about it, stating, "I'm not playing and not holding out for the NFL Draft. I'll be back next year."

Two weeks after that statement, Wells was in the transfer portal, and en route to an eventual commitment to the Ole Miss Rebels, he spoke negatively about USC fans multiple times and even had Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin over at his South Carolina NIL-funded apartment.

Not much else had come out about Wells, but on Wednesday, he hopped on the Locked on Ole Miss Podcast and had a few things to say that have not gone over well among the South Carolina football fanbase.

A short clip emerged from the conversation (the rest is behind a paywall and some more will be released later), and, somehow in just 12 seconds, he insulted his former program and the team's starting quarterback.

When host Steven Willis asked Wells about why he transferred to the University of Mississippi, Wells said he wanted "to be with a quarterback who's actually experienced in the SEC and can, you know, actually control offense." While speaking well of his current quarterback Jaxson Dart, the comments appeared like a veiled shot at expected USC starter LaNorris Sellers.

Wells has since tried to diffuse the situation by saying he has "all love" for LaNorris Sellers, but he did not take back what he said.

He also added that he just "want[s] to win...I can't, I don't like losing. I'm a competitor." With the Gamecocks losing three games by 10 points or less, it probably would have helped to have the top receiver on the team actually playing instead of voluntarily sitting out as Wells did so much of 2023. Sitting out while uninjured doesn't scream "competitor."

South Carolina football fans will "welcome" Wells and the Rebels with some of the loudest boos in Williams-Brice Stadium history on October 5th when Ole Miss travels to Columbia for what is sure to be an emotionally-charged matchup.

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