South Carolina Football: Former Gamecock's highlights named "best high school highlights" of all-time

South Carolina football alum Jadeveon Clowney was named as the player with the "best high school highlights" of all-time by On3's Andy Staples.
South Carolina football legend Jadeveon Clowney
South Carolina football legend Jadeveon Clowney / Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

South Carolina football fans will never forget when Jadeveon Clowney wore garnet and black.

The Rock Hill native was the #1 recruit in the country, dominated as a Gamecock, delivered the most memorable hit in the history of college football, and then went on to be the #1 NFL Draft selection before becoming an All-Pro at the professional level.

With all of that on his resume, Mr. Clowney is used to receiving accolades. However, recently, he received a new one when On3's Andy Staples ranked the "best high school highlights" mixtapes of all-time. (You can check out the entire thread here.) To the surprise of very few, Jadeveon Clowney slotted into the #1 spot.

On a list that included other remarkable high school football film cutups from players like Reggie Bush, Noel Devine, and Allen Iverson (yes, that Allen Iverson), Clowney was the easy choice for Staples.

Frankly, it is nearly an inhuman idea that the top defensive end prospect in the history of the recruiting industry could also be responsible for a 98-yard touchdown run, but that happens in the opening minute of Clowney's tape. There is another highlight reel out there that Staples did not use that begins with the future Gamecock taking a kickoff back for a touchdown.

Simply put, Jadeveon Clowney was a freak of all freaks, and what he looked like playing against high school players (even in the talent rich Rock Hill area) was nothing short of remarkable.

Perhaps the funniest part of Clowney's film is the little yellow arrow that kept popping onto the screen to identify him. Sure, pointing out where a player is on the screen is a completely normal part of recruiting highlight tapes, but for Clowney, it was 100% unnecessary. #7 jumped out every snap, and there was no doubt about which one was the best player in the country at the time.

South Carolina football fans who miss watching Clowney will have the chance to see him play once again as he signed a two-year deal this offseason with the local Carolina Panthers.

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