South Carolina Football: Gamecocks' all-time records against every 2024 opponent

The South Carolina football schedule is tough once again in 2024, but how have the Gamecocks fared against each of their opponents all-time?
South Carolina football legend Steve Taneyhill
South Carolina football legend Steve Taneyhill / RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports
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While the 2024 schedule is not the most difficult in the country like it so often is, the South Carolina football team still has a tough road ahead of them this fall.

The schedule looks a little different than many are accustomed to thanks to the SEC removing its East and West divisions and creating a custom schedule that has teams forgoing long-standing divisional rivalries in favor of games against other opponents in the league.

Because of this schedule shift, Carolina won't play the Georgia Bulldogs, Tennessee Volunteers, or Florida Gators for the first time since the Gamecocks joined the SEC in 1992.

The out-of-conference schedule still includes the annual rivalry game against the Clemson Tigers and three other games outside of the SEC.

But how has the South Carolina football program fared all-time against each of their 2024 opponents? Let's take a look.