South Carolina Basketball: 3 thumbs up, 3 thumbs down from SEC Tournament championship win over LSU

South Carolina basketball coach Dawn Staley has led her Gamecocks to their 8th SEC Tournament title in 10 years with another win over LSU in the final.

South Carolina basketball guard MiLaysia Fulwiley
South Carolina basketball guard MiLaysia Fulwiley / Ken Ruinard / staff / USA TODAY NETWORK
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South Carolina Basketball vs. LSU Tigers
Thumbs Down 1: The "Fight"

As everyone in the college basketball world knows by now, the South Carolina Gamecocks and LSU Tigers got into a bit of a scuffle late in the SEC Tournament final.

The officiating was largely to blame for the incident as they allowed far too much physicality the entire game, including some dirty plays from LSU's Angel Reese in which she pulled Kamilla Cardoso's hair or smacked her in the face.

Even with the late-game melee, LSU's Flau'jae Johnson "started it" with an intentional foul on MiLaysia Fulwiley and then a shove on Ashlyn Watkins. A big response from Cardoso sent Johnson to the floor.

That was the extent of the signifanct portions of the event, and Cardoso will be suspended for her role. She and some of her Gamecock teammates let their emotions get the best of them, and that cannot happen again, even when provoked like they were against LSU.

South Carolina Basketball vs. LSU Tigers
Thumbs Down 2: Rebounding (Or Lack Thereof)

South Carolina had been outrebounded just once this season (against North Carolina). Now, they've been outrebounded twice.

LSU dominated the boards for most of the game and finished the day ahead by 7 rebounds despite a late run from the Gamecocks on the glass.

Angel Reese and Aneesah Morrow both had double-doubles, and they combined for 10 offensive rebounds, as well. The Gamecocks did not have a good day rebounding as the two best rebounders in the league bested the best rebounding team in the league.

South Carolina Basketball vs. LSU Tigers
Thumbs Down 3: Fouls

In a game in which officials swallowed their whistles more often than not (something that became a big problem later), the Gamecocks still committed 17 fouls and gave up 20 foul shots to the Tigers. Aneesah Morrow was the hardest to keep off the line as she went 8-8 for the game.

Had the game been called tighter, the Gamecocks might have been in trouble. Cardoso and Watkins had some minor foul trouble as it was, and the 20 freebies for LSU would have grown, as well.

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