South Carolina Basketball: Official NCAA account doesn't even know school name

South Carolina basketball fans noticed that the Elite Eight preview included "South Carolina University," not University of South Carolina.
South Carolina basketball coach Dawn Staley
South Carolina basketball coach Dawn Staley / Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

South Carolina basketball coach Dawn Staley led her team to a fourth Final Four in a row after beating a tough Oregon State Beavers squad in the team's final game in Albany. The Gamecocks put two players (Kamilla Cardoso and Raven Johnson) on the All-Regional team, and Cardoso was named the Most Outstanding Player in the Regional.

As good as all of that news is for the Gamecocks, some garnet and black-clad fans have latched onto another storyline that isn't exactly positive.

Somehow, the NCAA does not know the institutional name of its #1 team. In an Elite Eight preview graphic that was released before Sunday's games, the NCAA's official @MarchMadnessWBB Twitter/X account referred to the best team in the nation as "South Carolina University."

It was a simple mistake, and it was not one that had an impact on anything of substance. However, exactly HOW does an official NCAA account (and whichever intern who runs it) not know that the Gamecocks represent the University of South Carolina? It is baffling to think that the best program in the sport would be called the wrong name by the NCAA. All of the other schools were named correctly.

It is so baffling, in fact, that some fans think it was intentional to drum up engagement for the post. There was no correction to the graphic or an edit made, even though it wouldn't take much time at all to fix. Instead, it remains incorrect even today, seemingly waiting on South Carolina basketball fans to respond.

The Gamecocks will meet up with the NC State Wolfpack in the Final Four on Friday (time and network have not yet been announced). LSU vs. Iowa and UConn vs. Southern Cal will be played on Monday to determine the other two teams in the Final Four.

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