South Carolina Basketball: Breaking down the Gamecock roster for the 2024-2025 season

South Carolina basketball coach Lamont Paris has finished the offseason construction of his 2024-2025 Gamecock roster. Here is a breakdown of every player.
South Carolina basketball players Collin Murray-Boyles and Myles Stute
South Carolina basketball players Collin Murray-Boyles and Myles Stute / Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports
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South Carolina Basketball's 2024-2025 Roster Breakdown:
Center Nick Pringle

South Carolina played a unique lineup last season. Stephen Clark and BJ Mack were the starting posts for the first half of the year before Collin Murray-Boyles overtook Clark and became a starter. None of those players are taller than 6'8" and only CMB is a plus-athlete. Josh Gray played a limited role off the bench and was big, but he wasn't overly athletic, either, and reserve power forward Benjamin Bosmans-Verdonk was neither.

Things have changed in the frontcourt this offseason, and that starts with presumed starting center Nick Pringle. The former Alabama Crimson Tide starter is a very good athlete, and at 6'10", he can bang around with some of the bigger post players in the SEC.

Pringle is a dangerous rim runner who can catch lobs from just about any angle, and he is an aggressive finisher if he gets his hands on the ball anywhere near the basket. If he is partnered with the right guards, he should get a lot of good feeds in the pick-and-roll and on dunker spot dump-offs.

The South Carolina native has just one year of eligibility left, but he should play a very prominent role on the team. The Gamecocks really struggled down low last season when opposing teams had a big and athletic post player who could score, and Pringle will be tasked with being the first line of defense against that becoming an issue again.

Because Pringle can hold down the paint on both ends of the floor, he can play next to a variety of bigs on the Carolina roster. Starting power forward Collin Murray-Boyles fits nicely next to him with his athleticism and versatile game. Freshman forward Okku Federiko is similar, and if things go well for him, he and Pringle could share the frontcourt in some lineups. 7-footer Jordan Butler has some shooting touch, too, so Coach Paris could run a bit of a twin towers look at times.