South Carolina Basketball: Breaking down the Gamecock roster for the 2024-2025 season

South Carolina basketball coach Lamont Paris has finished the offseason construction of his 2024-2025 Gamecock roster. Here is a breakdown of every player.
South Carolina basketball players Collin Murray-Boyles and Myles Stute
South Carolina basketball players Collin Murray-Boyles and Myles Stute / Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports
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South Carolina Basketball's 2024-2025 Roster Breakdown:
Shooting Guard Austin Herro

The younger brother of NBA star Tyler Herro, Austin Herro is an offensive-minded former walk-on who was put on scholarship this offseason to complete the Gamecock roster.

Far from the typical walk-on, Herro was a 3-star recruit and has a high upside as a scorer. He doesn't possess elite athleticism, but he has the skill and the confidence to take and make shots from almost anywhere on the court. If he can hold his own in the other aspects of the game (especially on defense), Herro could fight for a rotation spot as a redshirt freshman.

Herro is a shooting guard, but he has enough of a handle and passing vision to make an impact as a creator. He averaged nearly 5 assists per game in high school, and he is a fierce competitor.

The Gamecocks are in need of bench shooting, especially from the guard spots (small forwards Myles Stute and Arden Conyers can shoot, and forwards Jordan Butler and Okku Federiko can, as well), so if the Wisconsin native can provide some perimeter punch, it bodes well for his chances of getting some run for Coach Paris' team.

As a smaller guard who is listed at 6'1", Herro will need to play alongside players with length and defensive ability, and that could limit his realistic opportunities. Expecting him to make a jump into a prominent role in the 2024-2025 season is unrealistic (though, it isn't impossible), but he should get some opportunities to play and prove that he belongs in the SEC.