South Carolina Football: Spencer Rattler officially announces future plans

South Carolina football's Spencer Rattler could be a high pick in next year's NFL Draft. Mandatory Credit: Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports
South Carolina football's Spencer Rattler could be a high pick in next year's NFL Draft. Mandatory Credit: Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports /

South Carolina football fans had the privilege of watching the most talented quarterback in school history these past two seasons.

Spencer Rattler had some rough cards dealt to him (poor offensive line play, struggling offensive play callers, an anemic run game to support him, and a defense that oftentimes kept him off the field), but he still was one of the country’s top signal-callers this season.

The former 5-star prospect lived up to his hype by overcoming all of his offense’s issues to put up a top-5 quarterbacking season in South Carolina football history. His 2023 campaign saw him throw for the 3rd-most yards ever by a Gamecock, and if USC had made a bowl game, he would have had a very realistic shot at the top spot.

Even though he played only two seasons in garnet and black, he is 5th all-time in passing yards, 2nd in 300-yard passing games, 1st in 350-yard passing games, 9th in passing touchdowns, 1st in completion percentage, 3rd in interception percentage, and 4th in yards per attempt.

He also has the best single-game quarterback performance in the history of the program. His 2022 game against Tennessee is one of the best ever in college football history.

He threw for a program record of 6 touchdowns (and came dangerously close to catching one, as well). He recorded 469 total yards, including 438 through the air, good for 2nd-best ever. His 30-37 passing efficiency was a top-10 efficiency mark, too. He did all of that in one game to knock the rival Tennessee Volunteers out of the College Football Playoff picture.

#7 was an accomplished leader for two South Carolina football teams that desperately needed him to be, as well. When he could have complained or pouted due to taking so many hits, he, instead, encouraged his teammates. When his receivers dropped passes, he was the first man over to coach them up for the next play.

It comes as no surprise to those who have watched him play these past two years that Spencer Rattler has generated a lot of NFL Draft buzz. After foregoing the draft last season for another year in Columbia, Rattler had another decision to make this offseason. On Wednesday, the South Carolina football captain announced his future intentions.

One of the most beloved figures in recent Gamecock history will be moving on to pursue his dream of playing in the NFL. He is expected to be taken in the top half of the 2024 NFL Draft and has been mocked as high as the 1st round.

South Carolina football fans have grown very attached to Spencer Rattler over the past two seasons. The way that he played and the way that he conducted himself on and off the field have made him impossible to dislike.

In addition to his performance and his leadership, Rattler also endeared himself to fans in less-traditional ways.

One fan told a story of Rattler wearing a bracelet made by his son before, during, and after the Gamecocks’ big home win over the rival Kentucky Wildcats.

His coaches praise his attitude (the question and comments start at the 7:30 mark).

And he embraced Columbia as his home.

There’s not much else South Carolina football fans could have ever asked of Spencer Rattler, and they are thankful that they had the chance to call him one of them.

The 2024 NFL Draft will be from April 25th-27th.

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