South Carolina Football: Shane Beamer mentioned as top candidate for SEC head coaching vacancy

South Carolina football coach Shane Beamer. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
South Carolina football coach Shane Beamer. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports /

South Carolina football coach Shane Beamer was mentioned as a candidate to make a move this offseason to a new SEC program.

On the front page of 247Sports’ Mississippi State page, Shane Beamer’s picture is front and center as the headline photo for two separate articles on potential candidates to replace the recently fired Zach Arnett.

Beamer signed an extension with the Gamecocks that has him under contract through the 2027 season with a buyout of around $20 Million. If another team (like Mississippi State) were able to convince Beamer to leave Columbia for a new gig, Beamer and the new program would have to negotiate a deal with South Carolina to pay the majority of that buyout.

It seems extremely unlikely that Shane Beamer is going anywhere this offseason.

After a tremendous run the first two seasons he was in Columbia, year three has been pretty bad, but injuries and a soon-to-be-fired defensive coordinator are major factors. His firing is unrealistic, and Beamer choosing to leave his dream job seems even less likely.

Even so, with Mississippi State firing Zach Arnett on Monday morning, Beamer’s name has floated out there (and it will float again if Arkansas fires Sam Pittman or if Virginia Tech moves on from Brent Pry). Beamer’s name being associated with other jobs is most likely just postering from coach agent extraordinaire Jimmy Sexton, but the headlines will exist nonetheless.

In a strange bit of irony, Arnett was a top candidate to become South Carolina football’s defensive coordinator three years ago when Beamer was hired in Columbia. Instead, Arnett stayed at State with a new contract as many believed he had a “Coach in Waiting” promise (wink-wink-nod-nod) attached to his new deal. He eventually took over after the unexpected death of Mike Leach.

Now, Arnett is being mentioned as a possible defensive coordinator option for several SEC programs, including South Carolina. If Beamer remains in place as the headman of the South Carolina football program, and he makes the expected move to fire defensive coordinator Clayton White, Arnett will receive a call from Beamer about the vacancy.

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