South Carolina Football: Watch “Super” Mario Anderson hurdle a defender for a touchdown

South Carolina football running back Mario Anderson. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports
South Carolina football running back Mario Anderson. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports /

South Carolina football is locked into a shootout with the Florida Gators. Now at halftime, the score is 24-21 in favor of the Gators, but the Gamecocks’ final touchdown of the 2nd quarter has been the most memorable of the game’s many scores.

After a Houdini act from Spencer Rattler extended the Gamecocks’ drive on an earlier 3rd down, Mario Anderson took one play off to catch his breath before returning to the game. When he came back into the contest, Rattler found him in the flat, and Super Mario did the rest.

After catching the ball just a few yards beyond the line of scrimmage in the flat, Anderson quickly ran upfield toward the goal line where he met Florida sophomore safety Miguel Mitchell…or, it looked like he was going to meet Miguel Mitchell. With a big collision imminent, Anderson took flight and hurdled the defender before taking the ball over the goal line for the score.

Anderson has 90 yards of offense in the first half of this afternoon’s game, and the Gamecocks are going to rely on the physical #24 the rest of the way in this must-win contest with the Gators.

Anderson is starting just his second game in garnet and black as he took over the starting running back job from DK Joyner before the Gamecocks’ matchup with the Tennessee Volunteers. Anderson rushed for over 100 yards against UT in his first start and is well on his way to repeating the feat today against the Florida Gators.

South Carolina football currently sits at 2-3, and a loss to the Gators makes the uphill climb to bowl eligibility that much more difficult. A win, however, makes 6 or 7 wins much more manageable with two relative “gimme” games remaining against Vanderbilt and Jacksonville State and an entire slate of home games in the month of November.

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