South Carolina Football: The Gamecocks have never played these teams

South Carolina football mascot Cocky. Mandatory Credit: Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports
South Carolina football mascot Cocky. Mandatory Credit: Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports /
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South Carolina Football
The South Carolina football program spent almost twenty years as a member of the ACC, but with conference realignment since then, there are now a handful of teams in the league the Gamecocks have never played. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports /

South Carolina Football vs. The ACC

From 1953-1970, the South Carolina football program was a member of the ACC. Primarily because of ugly basketball rivalries with North Carolina and Duke, Carolina left the conference in all sports. With conference realignment causing an ever-changing landscape across college football, the ACC has changed quite a bit since those days, and the Gamecocks have missed out on playing some of the newer teams in the league.

Boston College: Boston College was an independent for most of its football history before joining the Big East in the 1990s and the ACC in the 2000s. This matchup doesn’t seem like a likely one unless the Gamecocks and Eagles get paired together for a bowl game as Boston College has only made one bowl game the last five seasons.

Louisville: Despite being old Metro Conference rivals in basketball, South Carolina football and Louisville football have never played on the gridiron. The main out-of-conference rival for SEC foe Kentucky, Louisville has had a similar football program to South Carolina in recent years, so a bowl game matchup could be in the future.

Syracuse: South Carolina football plays lots of orange on its schedule most seasons (Clemson, Florida, Tennessee, and Auburn), but they’ve never played The Orange. Carolina fans do have a soft spot for the team from New York, though, as Syracuse knocked off Clemson to keep them out of the College Football Playoff in 2017.