South Carolina Football: Pro Day Results for the Gamecocks

South Carolina Football

South Carolina football’s Darius Rush is one of a handful of Gamecocks hoping to hear their names called during the 2023 NFL Draft. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

South Carolina football held its Pro Day for NFL scouts on Monday, and thirteen Gamecocks officially participated. These participants included Cam Smith, Darius Rush, Zacch Pickens, Jalen Brooks, Jovaughn Gwyn, Nate Adkins, Christian Beal-Smith, Sherrod Greene, Brad Johnson, Josh Vann, Eric Douglas, Devonni Reed, and Dylan Wonnum. According to Associate Athletic Director Steve Fink, every NFL team had representation present at the Pro Day.

The testing numbers that were released are as follows:

WR Josh Vann: 5’10 1/4″, 190 pounds, 75 5/8″ wingspan, 4.43-second 40-yard dash, 36″ vertical, 10’5″ broad jump, 9 reps of 225-pound bench press

WR Jalen Brooks: 6’1″, 200 pounds, 80 1/2″ wingspan, 4.53-second 40-yard dash,15 reps of 225-pound bench press

RB Christian Beal-Smith: 5’9 1/8″, 201 pounds, 73″ wingspan, 4.63-second 40-yard dash, 32″ vertical, 9’9″ broad jump, 14 reps of 225-pound bench press

TE Nate Adkins: 6’2 3/4″, 252 pounds, 76 1/4″ wingspan, 4.74-second 40-yard dash, 31″ vertical, 10′ broad jump, 14 reps of 225-pound bench press

OL Dylan Wonnum: 6’4 7/8″, 263 pounds, 82 3/4″ wingspan, 5.27-second 40-yard dash, 24.5″ vertical, 8.4″ broad jump

OL Eric Douglas: 6’4 1/4″, 295 pounds, 80 1/4″ wingspan, 5.34-second 40-yard dash, 28.5″ vertical, 9′ broad jump, 22 reps of 225-pound bench press

OL Jovaughn Gwyn: 6’1 3/4″, 300 pounds, 75 3/4″ wingspan

DL Zacch Pickens: 6’3 5/8″, 298 pounds, 81 3/4″ wingspan

LB Brad Johnson: 6’2″, 237 pounds, 78 5/8″ wingspan, 4.77-second 40-yard dash, 32.5″ vertical, 9’11” broad jump, 19 reps of 225-pound bench press

LB Sherrod Greene: 6’0 1/8″, 217 pounds, 75 3/4″ wingspan, 4.75-second 40-yard dash, 31.5″ vertical, 9’8.5″ broad jump, 13 reps of 225-pound bench press

DB Devonni Reed: 5’10 1/4″, 199 pounds, 72 1/8″ wingspan, 4.63-second 40-yard dash, 34″ vertical, 9’11” broad jump, 19 reps of 225-pound bench press

DB Cam Smith: 6’0 5/8″, 183 pounds, 76.5″ wingspan

DB Darius Rush: 6’1 7/8″, 198 pounds, 80″ wingspan

Smith, Rush, Pickens, Gwyn, and Brooks were all invited to the NFL Scouting Combine. Smith, Rush, and Pickens are viewed as “locks” to be selected in April’s NFL Draft, and Gwyn stands a good chance of being picked. Brooks, Adkins, Douglas, Vann, and Wonnum are hopeful to hear their names called, and Reed, Johnson, Greene, and Beal-Smith are seeking to catch on as free agents.

Brooks improved on his weakest Combine event (the 40-yard dash) by shaving over a tenth of a second off of his time. Rush, Smith, Gwyn, and Pickens performed well in Indianapolis and declined to do anything but be measured and go through drills on Monday.