South Carolina Football: Senior Night

It is senior night for South Carolina football.

Senior night, underneath the lights, of Williams-Brice. It has a nice ring to it. The Mocs of Chattanooga head to Columbia to take on South Carolina football tonight.

Games like this aren’t always on the forefront of most players, or fans’ minds. It is a game in which South Carolina is expected to win handily as Chattanooga is an FCS team. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot to gain.

Essentially, tonight is a tune-up for the bitter rivalry game next week. As we all know, next Saturday is Clemson, South Carolina. What better way to work out the kinks than against a lower tiered opponent.

With that being said, the Gamecocks shouldn’t take the Mocs lightly. That could have the opposite effect. The longer you let a team hang around, the more they believe they have a chance to win.

The Gamecocks must come out on fire, as they have the last few weeks, and blow the doors wide open. The goal should be to build a huge lead and let the seniors, and other young guys get playing time and valuable experience.

Will the Gamecocks be able to accomplish this? That is the hope.

For South Carolina, the second half should be filled with a lot of Michael Scarnecchia and Dakereon Joyner. Many fans have been clamoring for Joyner to get playing time. This would be the perfect opportunity, especially with the new NCAA redshirt rules. If you are not aware, players are able to play in up to four games and still retain redshirt status.

Maybe coach Muschamp will allow Joyner to see action tonight, maybe it will be just Scarnecchia, as he is a senior. Only time will tell.

If neither play, one can only assume the game is much closer than anyone would like.

Here is to the seniors. Thank you for your time in the Garnet and Black. We at Garnet and Cocky salute you!

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