South Carolina Football: Round Table With Texas A&M

Ahead of this Saturday’s South Carolina football game, Garnet and Cocky met up Gig Em Gazette for a discussion.

The Aggies of Texas A&M head to Columbia this weekend to take on the Gamecocks. South Carolina football is looking for their first ever win against Texas A&M.

This week, we were able to catch up with Jeff Shull, site expert at Gig Em Gazette. I was able to ask him a few questions about this weekend’s game.

Garnet and Cocky: How has Aggie Nation taken to Jimbo Fisher?

Gig Em Gazette: We’ve embraced him whole-heartedly. The funny thing is everyone is saying we did the same with Kevin Sumlin and some others before him…but this is different. Jimbo brought his winning attitude and it’s clearly affected the entire team, so that’s what we’re latching onto. Even people who’ve been to the stadium see it in the crowd. There’s just a different aura now.

Garnet and Cocky: Are you expecting to see any let up by the Aggies coming off of a big win against Kentucky?

Gig Em Gazette: I think A&M lucked out a little bit in getting Arkansas and Kentucky back-to-back to come off the Alabama game. Neither of those teams is capable of exploiting the Aggies’ weakness which is pass defense. South Carolina could very much move the ball and in big chunks with Bentley and Samuel.

Garnet and Cocky: Texas A&M has a three-headed monster on offense. Which one do you think will give the Gamecocks the most fits, Mond, Williams, or Sternberger?

Gig Em Gazette: Based on South Carolina having a poor rush defense and a good pass defense, I think the easy answer here is Williams. He has gone off in the last two games against two very good run defense, and now he’ll get a chance to take on a defense allowing almost 200 yards per game.

Garnet and Cocky: Who is the one South Carolina offensive player that you feel Texas A&M should be the most worried about?

Gig Em Gazette: This one is pretty easy too — it’s Deebo Samuel. A&M has a bottom-tier pass defense in terms of yards allowed and have had issues giving up huge plays, especially to Clemson and Alabama. If the Aggie pass rush can’t get going — they have 11 sacks over the last two weeks — Samuel will be able to get deep at least a couple of times, maybe more.

Garnet and Cocky: What is your prediction for the game?

Gig Em Gazette: I feel dirty, but in our SEC West picks article I predicted 38 to 33 in favor of the Gamecocks. There are so many reasons A&M can win this game, but I get the feeling Bentley and Samuel could be in for huge days and do enough in a shootout to get the victory.

I wanted to thank Jeff again. Please head over to Gig Em Gazette and check out the questions that Garnet and Cocky asked during the discussion.

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