South Carolina Football: Weekly Mailbag and Missouri Preview

South Carolina football returns home to face off against the Missouri Tigers this Saturday.

This week our South Carolina football weekly mailbag has a familiar name as one of our long time followers chimed in. Before we get to the question, we here at Garnet and Cocky want to thank all of our readers and fans. Please feel free to let us know on Twitter or Facebook the types of stories you all would like to read about.

Our mailbag question today comes from Facebook. Doug Henry asks:

I would truly like to know is it time to give another QB playing time? Bentley not only made bad throws, but he threw into triple coverage and in two games he’s threw to the other team’s man underneath, in the middle. When is enough… Enough?

Thank you for your question Doug, we appreciate it. You picked a great week to ask this question. Many people have been wondering this as well. At this time, it does appear that Jake Bentley may not start against Missouri.

If Bentley does not start, and honestly if he doesn’t, it is mainly because of injury, Redshirt Senior Michael Scarnecchia will be QB1. As of now, that is the speculation, which I can neither confirm nor deny.

I think quite a few people out there share Doug’s thoughts on just wanting to see what another quarterback can do. As we all recall, Doug asked last week if we would see Dakereon Joyner against Kentucky. Doug you may get your wish this week.

Most of us don’t really know what to expect out of Scarnecchia. He has played very minimally during his time in South Carolina. He has only attempted 13 career passes, and has thrown for just one touchdown.

My hope for this week is that Scarnecchia plays amazingly. I don’t necessarily want to see any QB drama, but if he can play well, it gives the Gamecocks a better chance to win. The Gamecocks need a win, no matter who plays at quarterback.