South Carolina Football: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly vs. Kentucky

South Carolina football had a tough Saturday night against the Kentucky Wildcats.

Although the 24-10 score doesn’t indicate the type of game it was, the South Carolina Gamecocks were all out of sorts on Saturday in Lexington. The South Carolina football team hung in the game early, but Kentucky was able to put the game away by halftime.

The Good

One of the few bright spots for the South Carolina Gamecocks on Saturday was the defense. The defense had their back against the wall all night, mainly because the offense had four turnovers. It is tough for any defense to be successful in college football, let alone when the offense has a ton of issues. The defense really stepped up in the second half as they held the Wildcats scoreless and attempted to give the offense a chance to get the Gamecocks back in the game.

Another bright spot for the Gamecocks was that there was no quit in this team. No one gave up, no one stopped playing. Until the final whistle, they were still trying to score and get themselves back into the game.

The Bad

Turnovers. The Gamecocks turned the ball over four times against Kentucky. It would be a tough task to beat any team turning the ball over that many times, let alone a team ranked in the top 25. This is an area the offense must work on for the team to be successful in the future. It would have been interesting to see just how this game would have turned out if the Gamecocks didn’t have so many turnovers.

The Ugly

Where to start? The drops, the interceptions, everything in between. The receiving corp did not do Jake Bentley any favors Saturday night. They dropped a multitude of passes. With that being said, Bentley didn’t help out his own cause by tossing three interceptions.

To add injury to insult, Bentley hurt his knee. At the time of this article, it is not certain if he will play against Missouri.

It almost seemed like Murphy’s law was in effect for the Gamecocks and South Carolina football last Saturday night against Kentucky. Let us all hope this will only be a one time occurrence.

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