Tim Tebow Hits Home Run in First Ever At Bat as a Firefly

Thursday night the Columbia Fireflies had their season opener, which also meant the first Major League at bat for Tim Tebow.

He did it! When Tim Tebow was signed by the New York Mets months ago, Columbia residents dreamed he may come play for the Mets Single A affiliate here in Columbia.

On August 9th the Columbia Fireflies tweeted out this photoshopped picture when Tebow even began to consider a baseball career.

Now, months later the dream of Tebow coming to the Columbia Fireflies came true. Many believed that Tim Tebow was only signed as a marketing ploy to sell jerseys and attract people to the Fireflies games.

Even Tebow was in such shock he thought his bomb was just a double.

Now the signing may have been for publicity, but if Tebow keeps this up, he may be in for a longer baseball career than most expected.

Also, Tim Tebow’s hitting coach is named Tanner Miracle.

Coincidence? Maybe.

But when it comes to Tebow anything is possible.