Possible Replacements For Shawn Elliott

Shawn Elliott is gone …

Shawn Elliott, former Gamecock offensive line coach and interim coach, has left. The only assistant coach retained from the Spurrier era accepted a head coaching position with the FCS Georgia State Panthers.

This no doubt left a hole in the Gamecock coaching staff.  Muschamp has a position to fill after only one season in Columbia.

So, to that end, who might replace Shawn Elliott?

Steve Greatwood

If the Oregon Ducks’ new head coach decides not to retain the eleven-year offensive line coach, he may travel across the country to Columbia.  Prior to coaching offensive lines at his alma mater, Greatwood worked with the defensive lines from 2000-2004. Greatwood coached in the first ever College Football Playoff and went on to lose the title game to Ohio State.

Rich Bisaccia

With Super Bowl hopes at the end of the tunnel for the Dallas Cowboys, the Gamecocks may be the farthest thing from assistant coach Rich Bisaccia’s mind. However, Bisaccia once coached at Carolina in the past. He volunteered at various assistant coaching positions in Columbia from 1988-1993.

Steve Spurrier Jr.

The son of the former head ball coach accepted an off-the-field role with the Sooners after the old staff got canned. Steve coached wide receivers at Carolina under his father’s supervision. Even though there may not be much inviting him, maybe he could be persuaded to return to his old stomping grounds.

Les Miles

This one may be a bit of a long shot, if not shooting for the moon. Still, for the right amount of money, who knows? Miles coached for over a decade at LSU. He brought home a national title in 2007 and played for one in the 2011 season. Even so, a loss to Auburn fairly early in the season forced him out of his job. This would be a huge plus for USC, albeit unlikely. Miles played for the Wolverines as an offensive lineman. He later coached in the same capacity for his alma mater. He may be the least likely candidate on this shortlist, but the best.