Steve Spurrier Makes Josh Kendall Look Silly


As a fan, sometimes you just do not want to hear an unbiased opinion about the team you love. Sometimes an unbiased opinion gets confused for a negative opinion. Sometimes you grow up a fan of a team that has had very little success in football, and for the majority of your life all you hear are negative opinions that make you think any time someone is giving an unbiased opinion, it’s negative. C’est la vie for fans of the South Carolina Gamecocks.

Every once in a while, life gives you a break and an Easter egg to get through the day. For Gamecock fans, that Easter egg usually comes from something having to do with Steve Spurrier. Life gave us a little treasure today, fans.

It’s a safe assumption that most fans know who Josh Kendall is. Kendall is a beat writer for The State newspaper and He’s a guy that you either like him or you don’t thanks to his unbiased opinion of the Gamecocks. Kendall is often viewed by fans as a negative writer who only looks at the negative side of the football program thanks to his ties to the University of Georgia.

Today, Kendall tried to get a headline out of Steve Spurrier by first asking Lorenzo Nunez what the likelihood would be that Spurrier knows who Lil Boosie is (in regards to the nickname of Quandeski “Boosie” Whitlow). After Nunez answered there’s no chance, Kendall followed up by asking Spurrier who Lil Boosie is. Take a look for yourself.

Here’s a little heads up Josh. The HBC is the king for a reason. It’s probably a good idea to remember that next time you think about trying to set him.

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