South Carolina Gamecocks: Lorenzo Nunez Will Start Against UCF


This morning the depth chart was released for the South Carolina Gamecocks game against Central Florida. To most fans dismay, Perry Orth was listed at the top of the depth chart. Fans have been chomping at the bit to stick Lorenzo Nunez in as the starting quarterback before the season even started, and now Gamecock Nation is praying that the third different starter at quarterback this season will be the charm.

In a surprise, and mostly welcomed announcement at Steve Spurrier’s press conference this afternoon, Lorenzo Nunez was named the starting quarterback against Central Florida. It seems like the perfect time for the Gamecocks to break in a freshman quarterback who only arrived on campus prior to fall camp. Central Florida lost a game to Furman 16-15 last week.

“We’re going to let him go play,” Spurrier said. “The other quarterbacks will probably play some over the course of the game. It just depends on how the game goes. Lorenzo gives us a little spark in there that we don’t have offensively.”

Count me in as one of the people that did not think Nunez should be our starting quarterback when the season began. One injury to Connor Mitch and a shut down of Perry Orth later, I’m on board with this move for one reason only. It’s that “little spark” Steve Spurrier mentioned. The Gamecocks offense is severely lacking playmakers currently.

Having Nunez in the backfield may open up the offense enough to get some receivers open in the passing game because opponents will be stacking the box to stop the run. The triple option that the Gamecocks were running with Nunez was effective against Georgia. It also allowed for the ball to get into Pharoh Coopers hands and make plays.

With teams stacking the box to try and stop the run, receivers may see more one on one coverage which could give Nunez the opportunity to throw the ball for some big gains. The only problem is that Nunez just hasn’t mastered the playbook. Who really cares though? Gamecock fans are just looking for anything that can spark an offense that has left a whole lot to be desired through the first 3 games. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the third quarterback is the charm.

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