Was DJ Swearinger Tweet Out of Line?


Gamecock Nation was set abuzz on the internet in the middle of a lopsided loss against Georgia in Athens on Saturday night. Fans weren’t just upset with the route they were witnessing before their very eyes. They were taken aback by a single tweet coming from one of their own, DJ “Swagg” Swearinger.

Many fans were outraged tweeting back at Swearinger how horrible he was for making such a comment. There was another Gamecock fan that felt differently.

Yes, Ace Sanders. Don’t worry. Fans laid into Sanders, also.

Let’s take a minute to think about this from the views of DJ Swearinger and Ace Sanders and all of the former players that helped to build up a team that had 3 straight 11-2 seasons. Guys like Swearinger and Sanders laid it all on the line for this university to build it up and make it better than it had ever been before. Can you imagine how frustrating it must be for them to have watched the program fade back into the bottom of the SEC last season and then watch the team go 0-2 in the SEC this season knowing what lies ahead of the team on the schedule.

Don’t get me wrong. This is the house that Spurrier built, and he built it brick by brick with guys like Swearinger, Sanders, Lattimore, Clowney, and so on. Now that all seems to be coming undone. There is plenty of time left in the season to right the ship and finish with a decent record. Swearinger and Sanders just expect the team to be competitive. They love the university and they want to see it be successful.

Was the Swearinger tweet just him being a bandwagon fan? No. It’s a guy that’s just as frustrated as anyone else over the state of the football program. Ace Sanders summed it up pretty nicely.

No offense fans, but DJ Swearinger isn’t killing recruiting. Recruiting was already getting worse for many other reasons. Getting blown out in football games isn’t helping matters either. Even Mason Zandi made sure to let his thoughts be known on Twitter.

You don’t have to like or agree what Swearinger said, but he’s calling the team out for what took place on the field Saturday night. I don’t think tweeting about it is going to change his mind. Time to get off the internet and do something on the field, Gamecocks.

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