Connor Mitch Destined to Beat Kentucky


You might ask, what makes the South Carolina Gamecock starting quarterback Connor Mitch destined to beat Kentucky in just his second start ever. What I’m going to use in this case is history, history that involves our former starting quarterback Connor Shaw.

Let’s look at Connor Shaw’s first start ever back in 2011, it was also in Charlotte but against East Carolina. We know how that story went, Connor Shaw struggled and got yanked out the game in replace of Stephen Garcia. You say, what does that have to do with Mitch, Mitch didn’t get yanked out the game? All that may be true, still both Connors struggled in their first start ever playing at the Bank of America stadium for our Gamecocks.

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Let’s look at Connor Shaw’s second start ever, against the Kentucky Wildcats. In Shaw’s second start, he led the Gamecocks to 639 yards in offense, throwing four touchdowns, going 26-of-39 for 311 yards. Shaw also ran for 42 yards, which from my eye test on Mitch’s speed that he showed against UNC, he might just get around the same rushing yards this Saturday.

Let’s fast forward to present day to our current starting quarterback, Connor Mitch. Mitch is about to have his second start ever against the same team that Shaw went against in his second start, the Kentucky Wildcats. When Shaw was named the starter for Kentucky there was still people questioning him because of his poor play in his first start. Now we see the same thing happening to Mitch with fans still questioning if he should be the starter because of his injury during the game, poor play and so forth.

Now, why is Connor Mitch destined to beat Kentucky? Well by definition, destined means “To cause to have a certain outcome; preordain by fate or fortune.”

Mitch is fortunate enough to go into his second start ever knowing that former quarterback Connor Shaw went into his second against the same team. Mitch is fortunate to know this because we all know how great of a turnout it was for Shaw to be our starting quarterback, even when people doubted him before he showed out against Kentucky. Mitch has his chance to silence all the doubters and have a coming out game against that same team. Say what you like, but it looks like Connor Mitch has destiny on his side going into this game.

Saturday, September 12, 7:30 PM, the Gamecocks will play the Kentucky Wildcats on the SEC Network.

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