South Carolina Gamecocks Offense a Work in Progress


Last night was a lackluster start for our beloved Gamecocks.  Though we rallied towards the end of the game to pull off 2015’s first win, if the first game is any indication, the South Carolina Gamecocks offense is a work in progress.

I’m not going to crucify sophomore quarterback Connor Mitch–the internet has already done that.  For a guy who’s never been tackled in his collegiate career, I think he did a decent job last night.  Playing on the road, in a pro-ball stadium none the less, as a starting quarterback for a very anxious team would be enough to give anyone jitters.  His first quarter stats weren’t ideal–0 for 4 passing attempts–and fans got worried quick.

He did show off a little bit of his run game and then connected to Pharoh Cooper for his first touchdown pass.  I do respect the fact that Connor started to recognize pressure and knew when to run versus get sacked.  Plus, he actually runs, not that run and then baseball slide technique that Connor Shaw perfected and then Dylan Thompson emulated.  By the end of the game, Connor finished 9 of 22 for 122 passing yards.

Fans remain divided on Connor Mitch as starting quarterback.  Many felt that his inexperience translated to nervousness, especially in the first half and his taunting call in the second half didn’t help prove his leadership ability.  Though brief, Perry Orth did demonstrate his ability and his confidence when stepping in for Mitch.  We will see what the Head Ball Coach decides to do versus Kentucky.

Teammate and general rock star, Pharoh Cooper stated in a post game interview that these first games will feature a wide variety of offensive players, everyone rotating in and out until they find the right mix.  As we saw last night, Perry Orth or Cooper can easily slip into the quarterback slot and then rotate back out just as easily.  If nothing else, this fluidity will keep our opponent’s defense, and the fans, on their toes.

Switching gears to our running backs, Shon Carson had a breakout night against UNC.  Though listed as the 3rd running back on our depth chart, Carson had a 48 yard touchdown run which ended up being the clincher for the Gamecock’s win.  Carson had 4 possessions for a total of 75 yards.  Starter Brandon Wilds followed Carson for yardage, with 51 total yards across 14 carries.  Though most of the team admits that last night wasn’t the prettiest win, Carson put it best, “Don’t matter how it looks, a win is a win.”

Obviously our offensive game is a work in progress, but for the first game with a new quarterback and a lot of inexperience, we did come home with a win.  From the mouth of the HBC, “I think the football gods smiled on the Gamecocks.”

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