Spurrier Gives The Explanation On Why Connor Mitch


The long awaited question about the quarterback situation for the Gamecocks has finally been answered, as Steve Spurrier told the media that they named quarterback Connor Mitch the starter.

Everyone kind of had the feeling that Mitch would be the starter from the few comments that were made about the sophomore last season, when G.A. Mangus said that the “light has turned on.” Ever since then, fans knew that he would be the guy to lead the Gamecocks on the field.

Spurrier says that Mitch has prepared well on during the offseason and that he will have every opportunity to keep the starting job.

Spurrier also says that the competition was close and what it did was prepare the other quarterbacks well to step in if needed due to injury. He says that if Mitch can’t perform, or gets hurt that the Gamecocks will be in good hands with the back-ups.

Here is what an excited Connor Mitch had to say about being named the starter.

Video from GoGamecocks