What to Make of the Gamecock’s Quarterback Conundrum


Fall camp has been filled with more questions than answers. It seems that every time the fans and the media (heck, maybe even some of the coaches) think they are getting close to getting some answers, things appear foggier. One question on everyone’s mind has been who will be the starting quarterback against North Carolina? The scrimmage was supposed to offer some clarity and some answers. It was supposed to narrow the race down to a couple guys.

Instead, we are basically at the same place we started. Maybe only slightly further along.

After the scrimmage on Saturday, Spurrier seemed displeased with the quarterbacks in his post-scrimmage interview.

Mandatory Credit: Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday, Steve Spurrier stated that Lorenzo Nunez was not ready to play in the normal offense as a freshman, but he could see time in the Wildcat. “Obviously, as a freshman, all the offense we are doing, he is not quite ready for all that. But he can take off and he can make some stuff happen, so he’s going to play this year we feel confident, certainly,” said Spurrier. He went on to state that Connor Mitch, Perry Orth, and Michael Scarnecchia got the bulk of the snaps in Monday’s practice.

Tuesday, it was reiterated that the staff is in no rush to name a starting QB. So, what should we make of all of this? Well, one thing is sure. The fans should not be as concerned as UNC coaches should be.

The scrimmage was designed to figure out the quarterback answers. It was pass heavy by design in a season where everyone is aware that the Gamecocks will lean on the running game with two capable and proven running backs. The defense knows the plays. The defense is expecting heavy passing. Sure, it was a little sloppy. The good news is Spurrier has stated that one quarterback is getting more snaps now than the others, but he also understands that Nunez has to be ready to give him another dimension for other teams to prepare for. Obviously, we have no real answers yet, but Spurrier seems to have started to figure something out (if he hadn’t already known from the start).

However, UNC coaches have no idea what to expect from Steve Spurrier or the Gamecocks at this point in time. To make matters worse, they have limited video to prepare for any of the quarterbacks. They also have to account for Nunez or Pharoh Cooper running the Wildcat. Perhaps this is all part of Steve Spurrier’s plan. Although, he would never admit to it. Josh Kendall asked if there was a strategic advantage to not naming a starting quarterback to which Spurrier replied, “No. Not strategic at all that I know of.”

Strategic or not, the quarterback race does not seem to be ending quite yet. Maybe we will get some answers after the next scrimmage.