Steve Spurrier: “They Got Scared to Death”


On Saturday, August 15, 2015, the Gamecocks held a open scrimmage for the fans to attend and get a glimpse of how the players have progressed so far this summer. With big questions on quarterback play, the offensive line and the entire defense, there was surely going to be answers to those questions today.

Yesterday the Head Ball Coach said he would like to move a quarterback up and down the depth chart. Today though Spurrier talked about how none of the quarterbacks played great today, and how they are playing to slow and not moving their feet fast enough in the pocket. Spurrier said, “We have to stop training four quarterbacks”, also saying, “We’ll try to train two and half, probably. Maybe three and a half, I don’t know. He said Connor Mitch and Lorenzo Nunez played okay, but that Perry Orth struggled.

When talking about the young freshman, many who will likely have to be starting, Spurrier said, “They didn’t know where they were at”, when talking about how the freshman didn’t react the right way to in game scrimmages in front of a crowd, saying, “They got scared to death.”. He also said they should probably be redshirted but the Head Ball Coach said they, “But some of them probably going to have to play this year.”

Check out the video of Steve Spurrier talking to the media about the scrimmage today from TheBigSpur