“The Bamma Slamma ” Stephen Garcia Raw and Uncut


When I hear the word HISTORY in association with Carolina Football, I instantly think of Stephen Garcia, and in that same thought, I reel off the players that I rooted for over the years. He is without a doubt the ONE PLAYER that I pulled for the most. I had the opportunity and pleasure  to  speak with Stephen and to be honest a true and rare individual that just keeps it real 24/7.

I would like to give a huge thanks to    Zachariah Aaron Lytle for giving the introduction to the one an only,             “Bamma Slamma” Stephen Garcia.

” Garcia would ultimately give me the highest of highs and equally the lowest of lows. How could I not be so devastated, so pissed off at Stephen Garcia? After all, I drove nearly 1,000 miles to watch us get mangled by an Auburn team I absolutely despised. Earlier in the season, I actually gave away my tickets to the Alabama game, you remember that one right? Without a doubt, the single most GREATEST WIN in Gamecock History! I affectionately dubbed G, The Elephant Slayer. He also took out Ole Miss as Commander and Clemson and UGA both at home and in their house! Florida, yep, he rolled them too! So now, SURELY he is going to lead us to our FIRST EVER SEC CHAMPIONSHIP?  To be fair, to be REAL, he DID give us the shot.By the 3rd Quarter I was literally in tears but I stopped and realized something. All of us being so selfish, saying awful things, badgering the guy we loved so much? #5 was just having a bad night. That’s it. Our WHOLE TEAM got rolled…After that game, I was very disappointed in myself and chose to pull for G harder than ever before. How could I not? He was the underdog and the guy YOU KNEW was destined for this.

I absolutely HATED his departure and what I couldn’t stomach was just how UGLY so many would become. Had Garcia NEVER returned, it would have been tragic. As time would pass, I would often hope to hear good news, always pulling for that triumphant return. Praying that G would forgive us, not the other way around.

One day, I took a shot and I knew it was THE longest shot EVER. I was DEAD WRONG! Instead, I reassured G of just how much we ALL loved him and that I hoped he would return, THE CHAMPION, THE BAD ASS and great dude I just knew he was. G began to open up and the abundance of love was still there. Stephen began to tell HIS story, never making excuses, never blaming others, always speaking highly of his teammates but, He spoke most highly of each of US?
Yes, the HUMAN, often misunderstood, wild child spoke about THE BEST FANS EVER!

I had nothing. This guy was flat-out amazing. The stories would keep coming and I began to understand this dynamic and spectacular dude. He wanted redemption and he would get it. When he returned to USC and you saw he and Coach Spurrier laughing together, it was THE moment. Garcia was HAPPY and he DESERVED that JOY…More than anyone.

I love the dude. So many of us do, so without further ado, let me introduce THE MAN again and ENJOY this RAW and UNCUT interview with G today! Brought to you by one of the best on the block, Diana Browder Owens!  Enjoy and Gamecock On!”    _Rev Z

And here you go …Raw and Uncut .

If you had a few words of encouragement to give upcoming football commits or players in the sport …what would it be ?

SG:  “Don’t be so damn hard-headed. I am a hard-headed individual and to this day I still struggle with it but thats just who I am. I got off on the wrong foot with Coach and we just weren’t ever able to get on the same page until after I was done playing for him. And Enjoy yourself but understand that everyone is watching you and some will try to bring you down! Be mindful of your surroundings especially with the access to social media these days.”

Besides the obvious, what was the differences for you playing Arena Football ?

SG: ” It was pretty brutal. They asked me to change up my fundamentals to try to get the ball out quicker and I just couldn’t do it. The motions they had me working on were horrendous. I did have fun out there with the team and everything but the actual mechanics of playing qb in that league are brutal.”

Tell me about Saturday Down South. How did that come about?

SG: ” Drew Roberts, the CEO hit me up on Twitter and asked if I’d be interesting in working with them. At the time I had a few CFL offers but he made an offer I couldn’t refuse so I started working for SDS. I did enjoy it and will continue to work with them this season as well. There are some interesting points of views of some people in the media and I wouldn’t/didn’t agree with them at all. I’m the type of guy that will tell you if I don’t agree with you and some people in the media world frowned upon that. Oh well. haha!”

Currently, What are you working on ?  And how does football play such a huge part in your daily life ?

SG: ” I am currently down in Tampa training QB’s and working for Performance Compound. The Compound had several big name NFL prospects and vets that train there so they asked me to quarterback to their skill players. After the first day, I got the itch back and decided to cut weight, start training again and give football one last shot. I threw for several NFL teams this off-season and got some very good feedback. I recently threw for the Bills qb trainer in Jacksonville and am waiting on a call to get up there for a workout. Fingers are crossed but either way I will continue to train to give myself a shot at the NFL over the next year.”

At Gators Pro Day…showing up in USC Gamecock gear and changing to Gator gear. How did it feel to be out on the field as a Gator ?

SG: ” The head equipment guy down there told me that if his boss saw me on that field throwing in my Gamecock attire, that he would have his “balls chopped off”. So he gave me a bunch of orange and blue stuff and I wore it. A few Gator players trained at the Compound and asked if I could throw for them. Strange right? But of course I said yes and had an absolute blast out there.”

What is your greatest accomplishment to date ?

SG: ” Being alive. In all seriousness. We as a generation these days take so much for granted and think we always have tomorrow. I’m proud of where I am right now, although I wish I was on a NFL roster, but I have overcome A LOT of adversity over the last few years after the SC debacle. I am thankful that I have such a great family and such great friends surrounding me now.”

Who is your Inspiration ? Why?

SG: ” My grandfather. Plain and simple, the guy was just a straight up BAD ASS.”

What are your plans for 2016 ? What are you most looking forward too ?

SG: ” Going to continue to train myself and train the next generation of QBs down here in Tampa as well as South Carolina. I’ve been coming up to Greenville for a week at a time over the last 2 months and have gotten a good group of QB’s I’m training. Most noticeably Dallas Odom of Gettys Middle School. There is a lot of talented QBs up here that need some training from someone who actually knows that they’re talking about and I am happy to fill that void. These kids have been busting their asses when I’m up there and if I don’t get picked up (or even if I do), I will be coming up here often during the off-season to help train these kids.”

What do you miss most about South Carolina ?

SG: ” I miss the locker room banter. I still have great relationships with every single one of my teammates and we talk weekly. Believe it or not, Coach Spurrier and I have a very good relationship now a days as well. I miss playing for the Gamecocks and just wish more than anything that Ray Tanner would have been the AD while I was there. The ending of my career for the Garnet and Black still pisses me off and I wish I could take back some of the decisions I made also. I miss the fans of Gamecock Nation as well. Everywhere I go, even up here in Greenville, I have fans come up to me asking for pictures and autographs. It really humbles me and I appreciate it so much that people still even want pics and autographs. It will always be my absolute pleasure to do ! ”

I would personally like to thank Stephen Garcia, “Forever #5”

Also, a HUGE shout out to my boys Zachariah Aaron Lytle and Merrick Harding.

Check out Steve Spurrier in Comedic Action!