Gamecock Athletics Twitter Channels Inner-Steve Spurrier


As most Gamecock fans know, trolling season never ends for Steve Spurrier. After all, the king of media, just did a comedy bit yesterday and has never shied away from calling things how he sees them. The Head Ball Coach always seems to have something to say whether he’s scolding the media, criticizing his quarterbacks, or talking about that team from the upstate. No one is off limits when Spurrier speaks. Not Nick Saban and his never ending work habits. Not Kevin Sumlin and his cupcake scheduling. And definitely not Dabo Swinney.

He’s also been responsible for a major culture change at the University of South Carolina. Spurrier even scolded the fans for applauding a good effort after the Auburn game in 2006. He’s now seeing how dissatisfied fans are after a disappointing 2014-15 season where the Gamecocks finished 7-6. Needless to say his influence has been great on all of college football over the 25 years he’s been a head coach.

Shockingly, Spurrier is not at the center of controversy here. Perhaps his influence is starting to take a hold of the folks responsible for running the Gamecocks Online twitter account. It all started with an innocent tweet:

And UNC took the bait:

Then, things got real.

Gamecocks win, right? This tweet contained Yeezy, the greatest living rock star on the planet. This tweet was a troll that contained one of the other all time great trolls. How could that possibly be topped?

Well, including the troll’s wife in your response is a good start.

Not bad, but maybe the trolling should just be left to the king. He is the king for a reason, after all.