Steve Spurrier Says He’s Sick Of It


On Wednesday, July 22, 2015, Steve Spurrier called for an unexpected press conference. Immediantely fans started questioning if the Head Ball Coach was about to call it quits and retire, but ESPN’s Chris Low gave information given from people on the inside to let it be known that Steve Spurrier just wanted to clear the air about issues he had on his chest.

When the Head Ball Coach started talking he made sure we all knew that this presser wasn’t about him retiring, this was about the negative writers and people who question his team and even his age, saying, “I am sick of it”.  Spurrier opened up with, “Now that we’re 7-6, some of our enemies out there think Spurriers getting old and can’t do it anymore.” He goes on to say, “The enemies out there are talking negatively about me and South Carolina”. Steve also let it be known that he is not going anywhere. He let it be known that the team this year is better than what the media is saying about us, “listen to our Gamecocks, don’t listen to the enemies…. We’re gonna have a good team this year.”

The Head Ball Coach let it be known that he thinks the Gamecocks will get some recruits this week, and how can we not when the coach lays a smackdown on all the “enemies”.

If you ask me the Head Ball Coach spoke today thanks to some lyrics from Drake, ” I got enemies, got a lot of enemies. Got a lot of people tryna drain me of my energy”. If you are a enemy of Steve Spurrier, you better start trying to get on his good side because he and his Gamecocks are ready to prove you wrong.