Steve Spurrier SEC Media Day 2015 Recap


South Carolina Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier didn’t come out blowing smoke to the media about his starting quarterback, new defensive co-cordinator or his teams chances on getting back to a winning season.

One of our biggest questions going into the season might just be the biggest question a team could have, who’s the starting quarterback? Steve Spurrier told everyone up front that we don’t have one going into the season right now. The Head Ball Coach let it be known that all four guys have a equal shot to try and pull away as starter this year, also making it known that he might play two guys. “There’s nothing in the rule book that says you have to have one(quarterback).” when answering his starting quarterback role.

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With new defensive coach Jon Hoke, Gamecock fans are hoping that finally our defensive prayers will be answered and we will see that kind of smash mouth defense we have grown accostomed too. Spurrier let it be known, our losses last year were on the defense, “We need to stay on the field. The offense that can stay on the field a long time usually wins the game.” Along with some compliments for incoming coach Jon Hoke, “I lasted 2 years and John Hoke lasted 13(In the NFL)” when talking about Hoke being a smarter coach than he was.

The Head Ball Coach did give Gamecock fans hope. We all know we love to hear Spurrier get a little cocky about a team because that usually means he’s got something up his sleeve. Steve said, “We need to return to being a top 10 team and I don’t think we are too far away from that.”

Steve really shot down anymore retirement questions when he said, “People ask me why are you still coaching? I forgot to get fired and I’m not going to cheat.” good answer coach.

The Head Ball Coach didn’t come out with to many digs, which might just be because of the coach coming off a disappointing 7-6 season in 2014, but he still let it be known we can have a really good season this year. For Gamecock fans we can look forward to watching our quarterback battle play out and watch the “smarter coach” John Hoke work his magic and rejuvinate our defense.