South Carolina Gamecocks Betting Odds Revealed


The Nevada sports book, CG Technologies, released the first look into the college football season win totals, and it in no way favors the Gamecocks one bit. After finishing 7-6 last year, and key players like Mike Davis and Dylan Thompson leave, while also leaving a mystery defense, one could argue the Gamecocks may have a similar finish in 2015.

CG Technologies has South Carolina’s over/under mark set at 6.5 wins for the 2015 season. This places the Gamecocks 12th overall in the SEC .The odds are at -155 over, which means one would put up $155 to only win $100 if they pick the over for the Gamecocks.

Here is a look at how the Gamecocks stack up against the rest of the SEC. No SEC team has a double digit margin, but Alabama and Georgia had the highest over/under marks.

Alabama 9.5 (-135o)
Georgia 9 (-125o)
Ole Miss 8.5
Auburn 8.5 (-130o)
LSU 8.5 (-130o)
Arkansas 8 (-140u)
Tennessee 8 (-160u)
Texas A&M 8 (-120u)
Missouri 7.5 (-135o)
Florida 7 (-130o)
Mississippi State 7 (-145u)
South Carolina 6.5 (-155o)
Kentucky 5.5 (-130o)
Vanderbilt 3.5 (-135u)