Are You Ready For Steve Spurrier on Twitter


There’s a lot of things over the years that people find hard to believe: global warming, w.m.d. in Iraq, that a pass interference call wasn’t made against Dallas, that Dez Bryant wasn’t making a football move against Green Bay, or that Marshawn Lynch didn’t get the ball in the Super Bowl.  But what may top all of those has actually happened today – Head Ball Coach Steve Spurrier has a twitter account.  Yes, you read that right, a twitter account for the 70-year old coach of the South Carolina Gamecocks.

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The head coach has a reputation for quips and sound bites, not only about opposing teams and coaches, but his own team as well.  He is a media favorite for unique style and level of honesty in a world of political correctness.  But Twitter?  This could either be the best thing ever, or it could be a disaster that last five minutes.  I’m sure most Gamecock and even football fans are hoping for the former.  Because whether fans love him or hate him, this has to potential to fuel the fire of both camps.

His Twitter handle is @SC_HBC and this morning he sent out his first tweet, which he then took down, edited a mistake, and re-posted.  Exactly the kind of stuff people are hoping for actually!  Here’s a look at how he kicked it off:

Just in case you didn’t believe it, his son Coach Steve Spurrier Jr. sent out this pic of his dad on twitter on his phone too: