New Gamecock Helmet Idea is Drastic Change


For many years the South Carolina football program had an identity crisis. It seemed as though year after year there never seemed to be any consistency not only in the uniform itself but more than anything the colors.  When Steve Spurrier arrived here, he decided to create a little more consistent approach to how the Gamecocks looked out on the field.  Since then the team has had a much more consistent look, with garnet, white, and gray.  Many teams have really updated their look lately, but the Gamecocks have stayed steady.

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This is where Dylan Young enters the picture. He is a designer who got a lot of people talking about the designs he came up with for new NFL helmets. Some of them are subtle changes but some of them are radical redesign. But he didn’t just stop with the NFL. He also created bold new looks for many of the colleges around the nation.  And just as with the NFL some of these helmets are subtle enhancements to the current scheme while others are totally different look.  You can read about all his designs in Sports Illustrated.

One of his designs was also a bold,  radical new look for the South Carolina Gamecocks. You can see the design below and then we’re curious what your thoughts are about it

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