Men’s Season Can’t Be Defined By Record


No matter what sport you follow success is usually told by wins and losses, but in the case of South Carolina basketball the men’s season can’t be defined by record.  At 13-13 overall and only 4-10 in the SEC conference, it’d be easy to get frustrated by the gamecocks basketball team this season.  It be easy to get down on these players and the coach and even easier to start shouting for change.  Of course you hope for more, of course you wanted more, and you’re frustrated that this team is only even on the year.   And certainly the players and coach Frank Martin have the exact same feeling.

But this record doesn’t even come close to truly showing what this team is been about this year. Although inconsistent and certainly early in the season losing games they should’ve clearly won this team has something really important – heart.  In fact if you take a look at the statistics the Gamecocks are better than their opponents in literally every single category except three point shooting.  Seriously think about what that says about this team.

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Overall field-goal shooting – more than 20 points ahead in percentage; free-throw shooting – 20 points ahead in percentage; rebounds – more than three rebounds better per game; more assist by a mile, less turnovers, more blocks and more steals.  Ultimately if you are coach Frank Martin how can you be upset when you seen these types of statistics?

If you’ve watched these games you’ve seen hustle, swarming defense, and non-stop crashing the boards at both ends.  Usually when a team is not living up to expectations, these are exactly the kind of categories that you seem to struggle in.  But these players are showing their good at the foundational basics and they’re definitely going to give 100% effort.

Now the team is playing with two less players after Coach Martin suspended two players, but so far it seems like it’s given the others a renewed sense of commitment to making sure they’re doing the best they can.  Of course winds are important, but it’s hard to get frustrated when you truly look at what this team is doing during the game.  Ultimately they need to be able to make more three-pointers, hit the big shots, and like David Knight wrote about previously there needs to be a star on this team.  Give these players another year together, and then add in recruit PJ Dozier, and next year could be the breakout year for these Gamecocks.