Football Season is Year Round Finally


Okay so maybe there aren’t any games this weekend, but football season is finally year round.  From the day the national championship game ended, it was all about recruiting every single day – talking about what recruit might sign with what schools. Then we had the Super Bowl of recruiting with national signing day in which some people probably take off work just to follow it.  You think that might be where it ends but it’s not.

Now there are coaching moves that clearly had been designed to be held off until just after signing day is over which is a whole different story in itself. But these changes certainly creates a ripple effect of change at all the universities that it’s happening at.  The announcement of new coach Jon Hoke to the South Carolina coaching staff has definitely created a whole new level of interest in football in February. What changes will he bring to the team? How different will the defense look from last year?  Will there be any other coaching changes? All of this just continues to keep footballing top of mind during what normally would’ve been a downtime.

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Let’s not forget it’s barely a month away from the beginning of spring training and as far as most fans go this is the next best thing to the real season.  They get a chance to see and hear about all the new players and hopefully get a glimpse into what the team may be like in the fall. Of course last season proved that isn’t always the case.  Although most Gamecock fans are probably trying to forget that.

After the spring game is over there’s a new period which has been created which is about the hundred days leading up to the kick off at football. This is where all the preseason polls come out and show after show, article after article will try to guess what players teams and conferences will be like in the fall.  Even though we all know they’re not very accurate we can’t get enough of them.

For many football fans this year-round focus on their favorite sport is a welcome change from the past.  It used to be that you fed your addiction for five months out of the year and then had to go cold turkey without for the other seven months, with the whole process simply repeating itself over and over again. For the nonfootball fans, which who understands them anyway, this whole thing is probably very frustrating. They most certainly looked forward to this time where maybe other things in life mattered. But what do they know?  I mean it’s only 35 days till spring practice!