Key to Football Defense is Not Named Arden


Last night after much drama over the past few months, the Gamecocks found out for sure something they should have already realized, that the key to football defense is not named Arden.  Arden, as in Arden Key, a four star defensive end who had committed and de-committed twice to the Gamecocks made it for sure this time that he was going to another school.  Ultimately, it may not only be best for Key, but it may be best for the Gamecocks as well.

Of course everyone knows the South Carolina defense struggled this past season, giving up leads at the end of games, and also giving up tons of yards.  But all of this was with a very young team, so if nothing else good came from last year’s defensive effort, at least the freshman and sophomores learned a ton and grew a lot.  So many people were really hopeful that Arden Key would choose South Carolina in the end regardless of all the signs pointing elsewhere.  But instead of worrying about a young man who, jokingly or not, said he picked his top school out of a hat, let’s realize that the real key to this coming year’s success may already be a part of the Gamecocks.

Just take a look at all of the defensive lineman the Gamecocks are already bringing to the team

  • Marquavius Lewis – #1 JUCO DE in the country.  20.5 TFL and 11 sacks last year
  • Dexter Wideman – #179 in the ESPN 300 and spent the fall at Camden Military Academy and is top prep school recruit in country
  • Ulric Jones – JUCO college transfer who is 6-7, 283
  • Shameik Blackshear – was considered the top overall prospect in SC before he injured his knee.  Previous comparisons to Clowney
  • Dante Sawyer – #2 JUCO DE in the country and #88 in ESPN 300
  • Devante Covington – JUCO DE who played in the 2013 Shrine Bowl
  • Quandeski Whitlow – also known as Boosie, 3 star DE from Opelika who is very quick on the outside

Look at all the quality guys the Gamecocks already have.  These guys have committed and stayed committed.  Wideman and Lewis are already enrolled and at school.  I think the guys we have are going to come in and make an impact immediately.  Combine them with David Johnson, Bryson Allen-Williams, Cedrick Cooper, Phillip Dukes, Mason Harris, Devin Washington, Darius English, Gerald Dixon and Gerald Dixon Jr, and you have a defense with quality players and more importantly, with depth.  That’s our key.  That’s what we really need.