Gamecocks Have to Win DCI Bowl Just Because


This Saturday the South Carolina Gamecocks face off against the Miami Hurricanes in the Duck Commander Independence Bowl.  There are all kind of arguments we could make about why the Gamecocks need a solid victory in this bowl game that was pretty much everyone last choice for a bowl game.

– First of all, they need to win to finish the season with a winning record.  At 6-6, this game will make or break that, and Steve Spurrier has not had a losing record at South Carolina.  Especially after starting the year ranked in the top 10 after three straight 11-win seasons, the fall to a losing record seems way worse than falling to 7-6.

– Second, they need a strong showing for many of the recruits they are hoping to land.  After a string of de-commitments and a now a previously highly touted wide receiver leaving the team, they want a strong showing to make an impact on the high school and JUCO players they’ve been working to get.

– Third, the Gamecocks have won three consecutive bowl games, and there is something satisfying about finishing off the season with a win.  It makes the end a little easier to deal with, and begins the new period of hope for the upcoming season.

– Fourth, the Gamecocks have something to prove to themselves about their ability, about their potential, and somewhat about their entire defense.  The year began with so much hope and promise, but from day one has been filled with some level of disappointment in one form or another, and especially around the defensive side of the ball.

But regardless of all these very relevant reasons for why the Gamecocks should win, and many other sites will logically be touting those reasons, we have a better one here – just because.  Yep, just like when your parents used to say that to you with no other explanation.  Although unlike our parents, I will at least attempt to give some very valid reasoning for what leads to the just because theory.  First, because they call themselves The U.  What?  There are like over two thousand universities in the United States, and considering Miami wasn’t founded until 1925, probably half of those are older as well.  So how are they The U?  Wouldn’t it be U of M if anything?  Or The M?  But why The U?  Did they just “call it” first or something?   Look I get it, South Carolina went through it’s little period of being The USC (I remember when the brick chimney near Greene St was re-painted The USC I was sort of like really USC?) but that was claiming title between two schools with the same initials.  There are over 2,000 that could lay claim to be The U?  Ugh.

Second, it’s the Miami Hurricanes.  I grew up a teenager in the 80s and my first year at USC was 1987, starting shortly before that game.  You know the one, when Jimmy Johnson was the coach, or should I say the ones?  Whether it was the constant personal fouls, showing up in military fatigues, or whatever, it just rubbed me the wrong way.  Ugh.  I just never have supported that type of atmosphere.  Watching the ESPN 30 for 30 films “The U” and “The U Pt 2” just brought back all those feelings of why I disliked them then.  My favorite part was when people were being critical of the lavish lifestyle many of the players seemed to be living and the answer was “it’s Miami, that’s the way people live there”.  Really?  Those players grew up living like that?  So I just have never supported their brand of football.  When schools refuse to play you because of how you conduct yourselves, then it’s probably time for a change don’t you think?  When people think you should shut down your winning football program because it’s so out of control, there is something wrong there isn’t there?  I mean it’s pretty much their fault players can’t celebrate today after making a big play isn’t it?  Let’s not forget that every time a player wants to take a second to celebrate an amazing play these days.

So there you have it.  All of that is what leads up to the all-encompassing, because-I-said-so, just because reason that the Gamecocks need to win Saturday.  Do we really need any more than that?