Twitter Reacts to Connor Shaw Possibly Starting Sunday


In Gamecock world, Connor Shaw is and always will be a hero, and fans are obviously totally objective in their support this past year for the quarterback who led the Gamecocks to three 11-win seasons and was 27-5 as a starter.  They would never just support him because he was a Gamecock, or because they remember him coming in against Missouri and leading them from behind to win in overtime.  That would never happen.  They are simply showing their support because they’ve seen what he can do when given the chance, and the one thing he does well is find a way to win.  So when Connor Shaw went undrafted, only to be signed to the same team that drafted Johnny Manziel, fans were disappointed.  When Connor was only signed to the practice squad after rallying the Browns back against the Redskins in a preseason game, fans across Carolina country were disappointed.  But suddenly another group seemed disappointed too – Cleveland Browns fans.  How is this?  The team has just drafted and signed one of the most prolific quarterbacks in college football and a Heisman winner, yet they were pulling for Connor Shaw, many of them even calling for him to be the starter.  Carolina fans understood.

However, things did not fall Shaw’s way as Brian Hoyer was named the starting quarterback and initially seemed to be leading the Browns in the right direction.  Although Manziel wasn’t getting much playing time either, at this point Connor’s name seemed to fallen off the radar.  Then a few weeks ago, the wheels started falling off the bus as first the Browns started to struggle and benched Hoyer and started Manziel.  Johnny Football then turned in one of the worst performances of the season for any starter.  Then a week later, Manziel left early in the game with an injury and was out.  Hoyer came in, but when he got injured as well, he was forced to continue to play because there were no other backups.  Cleveland was out of healthy qbs.  And then it began, like the chanting in a football game, when word got out that Cleveland may sign Connor Shaw to the full team and he may start this coming Sunday, it was like it unleashed the world of Twitter and Shaw supporters.  He has been trending several times since Sunday, as fans both in Cleveland and Carolina show their support.