Early Heroes For Gamecocks Against Florida


Although it’s only the first half, all of the guys on the offensive line are the early heroes for Gamecocks against Florida.  This line was highly touted before the season began as one of the best around, but between injuries and shifting guys around, it hasn’t reached the potential everyone expected.  However the first half of the game against Florida they have risen to the occasion and look like the group of guys we thought we’d have all year.

It’s easy to look at Brandon Wilds touchdown run to start the game, or Dylan’s excellent completion percentage (of his first 9 passes, the only incompletion was when a ref stepped in the way).  But when you really watch you realize that all of that and more happened because of the offensive line.  The Gamecocks started the game with two consecutive long drives with 7 first downs on 22 plays which totaled 136 yards in the first quarter alone.  Besides the stats themselves, there were no penalties by the group, Dylan Thompson was never pressured (one play ended with some but that was after Dylan sat in the pocket forever, then rolled out), they completed a fourth down conversion, and the touchdown run by Wilds was made much easier by the holes created by the offensive line.  As if all that wasn’t enough, the offense had a very balanced attacked and 12 runs for 59 yards, with play after play for a good chunk to move the chains down the field.

No telling what the rest of the game brings, but if this offensive line can keep up this performance, it could be a huge day for the Gamecocks offense.  The only question mark of course will be the defense later in the game.