South Carolina vs. Kentucky: Four Wildcats suspended for Saturday’s game


It looks like a quartet of Kentucky players will sit out vs. South Carolina on Saturday after an incident involving an air gun landed them in hot water.

The foursome—Drew Barker, Dorian Baker, Tymere Dubose and Stanley Williams—have been suspended and won’t play on Saturday. According to

"The UK Police Department was alerted of gun shots fired on campus Sunday night, which caused the campus to go into a lockdown. A campus-wide search uncovered an air-soft pistol and security footage of the “persons of interest.”"

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Not the kind of thing you want to get caught doing, especially in this day and age. While on the surface it appears it was a few guys just “fooling around”, with school shootings in the recent past putting some college students’ nerves on end, it was understandable that the Kentucky campus police had to take precautionary measures to lock the area down, even though it was an air-soft pistol.

Baker and Williams will be big losses; SDS points out that the duo had been big parts of the Kentucky offense. Now, without them, the Wildcats will be a little shorthanded at some key parts of their lineup. SDS also reports that the four of them are looking at further discipline.