South Carolina vs. Missouri: Live Game Thread


It’s time for our South Carolina vs. Missouri live game thread as a big one is set to kick off over at Williams-Brice Stadium.

Just scroll down to the comment section (or click the “Comment” button above or click here), leave your comment and let us know what you think about what you’re seeing. Just be sure to keep it clean…there may be some younger visitors along the way. Also, no personal attacks, as that will result in your comment being deleted. (By the way, there’s no need to refresh your browser; comments will update automatically and in real time as they’re entered in. Note: it may take a couple of seconds for the commenting system to load completely, so if it doesn’t appear right away, just be patient. Or you may need to scroll down a tad further past the ads before you see it.)

In addition, we’ll have a live Twitter feed going at the same time in case you want to tweet us as well. We’ll see you on the other side of the game with a full recap of what we saw and liked/disliked, but for now, the stage is yours.

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