Maty Mauk nearly runs over Steve Spurrier


There wasn’t a lot of offense between South Carolina and Missouri in what basically amounted to a punt fest, but we had a little bit of controversy between Mizozu QB Maty Mauk and Gamecocks head coach Steve Spurrier that livened things up just a tad.

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Mauk, with about 13 minutes left in the fourth quarter with his team down 13-7, was forced to scramble out of bounds for 25 yards to pick up a first down for his team. What happened after the play, though, may raise a few eyebrows (h/t Bleacher Report’s Barrett Sallee).

Spurrier shot Mauk a little look at the end of the play, which isn’t visible from the video, but clearly visible in the picture below (h/t Tim Hill from WOLO/ABC Columbia).

Memo to Maty Mauk: don’t mess with the Head Ball Coach. I understand that Spurrier was a quarterback in his day, but the guy could crush you if he had a chance. He’ll remember that for a very long time, and I’m pretty sure you are now squarely in the man’s doghouse.